Shiny No
Friends Zippo Saraf


Lt. Sparky





Team Zippo Saraf, Emanuel, Lt. Sparky, Lee, Sickle
Likes Flying

Being Barefoot


Loud and Good Fun


Fears Electric Types



Regional League Champion Yes (Red)

Hyper active moron. He usually doesnt wear shoes since he flies everywhere. When he gets tired when hes shoe-less he flops on Arcane and gets a ride from him. Since Arcane is even more of a hyperactive dork... he doesnt mind. Boat has a HUGE fear of electric Pokemon and especially Hates Luxray. (Poor Don! DX )

Electric cat+Flying birdy=NO.

I figured out a way that the name BOAT aint weird for Fearow... cuz you can ROW a boat.... and FeaROW.... and... yeah...mumblemumble.

Team Edit

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Boats a bit of a naive guy, not all that bright. Very playful and sweet. Can get clingy.

  • Sickles scary too, but warmer than Emanuel. Boats nervous of his intensity.
  • Emanuel is scary and hot tempered, mostly one to avoid.
  • Zippo is more of a big brother to look up to. If not Lee, Zippo is a second choice for protection. They fly together.
  • Lees mostly a reassurance for Boat. If anything goes wrong he’ll look to Mama Lee.
  • Sparky is a buddy for him to do childish things with. He doesn’t mind the teasing so much.
Pkmn red by nire chan

My team for Red was ALWAYS Fearow, Scyther, Hitmonlee, Raichu, Charizard, and Raticate! D8< HELLZ YEAH! Sometimes id switch one off for a Kadabra but ... those were mah BOIZ YO! YEEEAAAH dawg...

  • Zippo was pretty popular (His old friends are my first Pokemon team in Red. AHAHA… ;w; Zippo, Emanuel, Lt. Sparky, Lee, Sickle, Boat)
  • I drew my red team as babies! :3 ... Stupid Scyther was the only one without a pre-evo...
  • Zippo likes to censor himself when he speaks. Lt. Sparky finds it annoying. They fight a lot. :I

Miscellaneous Edit

  • Arcane bes bffs with ANYONE he comes across, Including Don. His BFFS are Mepha, Boat, and Alsatian... Beings Dogs (and a bird) They dont like kittehs. Boat especially seeing as hes a Flying type bird, and Don being an electric type kitty
  • Boat is bffs with Arcane... He, too, does not like that Arcane hangs out with Don. Boat dont like no electric cats being near his bff.
  • Along with Riff, Boat is peace signing at his fellow mohawker.
  • Ditto likes to exploit others insecurities. Boat’s height.