The rarest Pokemon in the games, as they are usually available once in the game. They are also meant to be the strongest Pokemon in the region. The mascot of each game is, with few exceptions, usually one of these Pokemon. They also have a legend of some sort connected to them.

In Ewim Verse Edit

These Pokemon are depicted as belonging to only one gender, despite the "genderless" characteristic of Legendary Pokemon. Legendary Pokemon also have family ties to others of their group, such as the bird trio (Mizu the Articuno, Amp the Zapdos, and Sid the Moltres) whom are siblings. These ties may also streach to Pokemon outside their group, such as Arian the Lugia is the bird trio's foster father.

These Pokemon take a long time to age. Once at a certain age, depending on the Pokemon, time ceases to affect them.

These Pokemon are also a part of the highest social class of the world, typically behaving as royalty. There are few exceptions.

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