Lief’s partner in my Pokémon dungeon game.  Kind of a nervous wreck. Attacks before he thinks (and steals all my kills with quick attack! AHHH. He’s a pain!  But he cried when he thought I died... and he tripped on his way back home when he was alone... and I cried watching him all by himself. Precious baby.... /sob sob)

Never opens his eyes. He’s scared of a lot of things, and also steals kills out of panic. Like Lief, he can’t age or evolve. I redesigned him because I couldn’t find a ref for him in my old pics.

My team in Pokémon dungeon is named Fire Flower!  Since I was a Bulbasaur and my partner was Cyndaquil.  Poliwag was my first team member and then Shinx. 83

Lief, Cyndy, and Laura were my first pokemans in mah dungeon game. Then I made Laura evolve... and I stopped loving her. D'8 I'm sorry for making myself not love you Laura.

Don is not only in my diamond game but he’s also in Dungeon!  He’s always there to get me outta jams!  8'D I love you Don. Discharge always ends up savin me in the nic of time.

In Pokémon Dungeon, Don attacks sleeping Pokémon...  ALL THE TIME. I go "Oh lookit the cute little sleeping Pokémon...  I won’t wake it up" and then I try to leave but Dons like AW HELLZ NAH!  -SHOCKWAVE- and pwns it. It’s unnecessary... and mean.  Cyndy never really attacks sleeping Pokémon.... but he does always steal my kill by quick attacking it... jerk.

Friends: Lief , Laura, Don
Co-Workers: Lief , Laura, Don
Significant Other:
Attracted to: