Shiny No
Friends Zippo Saraf

Lt. Sparky




Co-Workers Dex (Boss)



Franz (Subordinate)

Vex (Subordinate)

Team Zippo Saraf, Lt. Sparky, Lee, Sickle,


Job Scientist/Reasearcher
Regional League Champion Yes (Red)
Patients/Experiments Vector, Ian, Prince Dilla, Ohma, Thomas, Amour, Ditto

Science and stuff and cloning and I’m bored of typing… and no one cares probably anyways? Lol


Relation Maps 3
Emanuel is very smart and very easy to annoy. IDK what his motivation would be to join a group of fighters? Young and reckless… maybe.
  • Zippos there. Since Zippo doesn’t do much to offend Emanuel, there’s no bad blood.
  • Lee is surprisingly easy to get on with. He tends to have that effect on grouchy assholes.
  • Sparky’s annoying as hell.  They got some sort of rivalry. Rat v Rat.
  • Boats annoying because he’s so chipper but Emanuel is much more tolerant because Boats afraid of him.
  • Sickles annoying because he’s so hypocritical and suspicious.  Like Emanuel is the only one with secrets.



These four assholes- Emanuel, Geller, Nola, and Franz - these assholes with the power of science and fossils resurrect these guys- Ohma, Dilla.

Emanuel, Vex, Ottie are scientists that work for Dex. They study 'Squeakers' and helped create 2! 83

Emanuel is Vex and Ottie's boss. He and Ottie are very impatient. 8c

It would have just been easier to leave a note...  Emanuel-words in red; Franz-words in yellow; Nola-... no words; Geller-words in brown.  Thats how Nola communicates... she mimes and reads lips. Only Geller is good at knowing what she means. Franz likes to make a game of it.

  • Franz tried to tell Emanuel but nobody wants to listen to the poor guy...
  • I tried SO hard to draw my own building... but I failed... so I traced it.
  • Emanuel will regret it when hes woken up from his fucking.... coma. Emanuel is shit outta luck. Revive plz?
  • So thats basically how Geller is. Hes a douche to everyone but his kids and people he has deemed worthy. Usually good parents.