Law of Shiny Edit

Shiny in my PokeVerse isn't something cool and special… it’s something different that gets looked down on… while things like skin color and sexuality is fully accepted. Being shiny can be criticized by some.

Law of Undead Edit

Most ghosts are sinful. When their Alive!forms die, if they died impure… they come back as ghosts. They lose most of their memories, have enough to drive them insane trying to remember the rest. As they go through time, mostly unchanged, they start losing the little part of themselves that was remotely human. They get attached to people but they outlive them and it adds and adds to their grief and causes them to snap. The sins they have would be the 7 deadly ones.

Law of Dark Minds Edit

Psychic types cannot read the minds of dark types.

Law of Telekinesis Edit

Mind reading is the universal language, but it is considered very rude and painful to do so without consent first.

Law of Gills Edit

The only Pokemon capable of breathing underwater are Pokemon who are based off fish. All other water type Pokemon are simply able to hold their breathes for long lengths of time.