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Kreetan Stillwaters
Shiny No
Mega Evolution Yes
Family Diana Stillwaters (Mother)

Papa Stillwaters (Father)

Friends Zippo Saraf

Lief Groa

Co-Workers Zippo Saraf (Partner)
Enemies Archie
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Likes Swimming

Diving/Finding items on ocean floor.

Hates Jigglypuff.


People invading his space / harassing his friends.

Fears Zippo's tail going out.

By extension, Zippo being near or submerged in water.

Regional Competitor Yes.
Regional Competitions Battle, Survival

Basic Background Edit



First gen starter bros with Zippo and Lief.


Kreetan’s closer with his dad than his mama.

BB Kreetan and Zippo in different clothes. //throws confetti at a bunch of things I never finished. Kreetan’s a little punk and he grew up TOO BE A BIGGER PUNK.  The only thing he’s scared of is Zippos tail going out since he almost put it out when he was a little punk kid.  He mostly loves swimming and finding neat things on the ocean floor.

Zippo and Kreetan’s dads don’t get along.  Their moms think their hatred for each other is dumb. As do Kreetan and Zippo. Papa Saraf especially doesn’t like Zippo hanging around reckless water types.

  • Kreetan: …Your dad hates me.
  • Zippo: He doesn’t hate you…
  • Papa Saraf: Yes I do.
  • Zippo: … dad.

  • Zippo and Kreetan first time being a Charizard and Blastoise… Kreetan had it easy… Zippos horns and wings growing in hurt.
  • A cold hand to help Zippos poor head.

Squirtles just LOOK like nerdy, weak little bastards... then they grow up to be Blastoise! cB They ate all their spinach!

NOTE: Blastoise will always be a douche. One crushed Mewmews hopes and dreams, so that’s why he grew a douchey personality, while Charizard matured and became nicer.

  • Colors and missing a layer of clothes
  • Kreetan’s mostly intense with emotion except if he’s sad or angry… He’ll cover up being sad and he’ll simmer in rage and holds grudges for a million years.

LMAO cuz im still on ship names and suddenly Zippo and Kreetan… if they had a name-mesh ship… itd be Kreeppo.   HA. I guess it could be Zipptan too but Kreeppo is way better (or funnier IDK)

Relation Maps 1

Kreetan being the little shit he was didn’t have many friends. Kreetan doesn’t like any of them because they’re assholes… except Lee who’s just really boring.

Kreetan, like all Blastoise, is a douche. He’s smarmy and rude to most.  He has a soft spot for his first gen buddies and, since he’s the strongest, he sticks up for them and saves them if need be.  He speaks his mind and will tell people EXACTLY what he thinks of them. He’s extremely confident... with good reason.  Sam still makes him nervous though.


TURTLES. TURTLES EVERYWHERE... sept the second gen? Get your act together 2nd gen! SHUCKLE IS NOT A TURTLE! He is a buggy. And you’re wrong.

Childhood Memories

Kreetan and Zippo as Squirtle and Charmander, Kreetan screws around too much, Zippo pwnage. Now Kreetan is scared and will never let any water near Zippo (Charizard) ever again. THE END! C:

Archie Flirts With Zippo

Kreetan wasn’t worried or anything. Archie is now gonna be Kreetan’s rival FOR EVERYTHING. Zippos there for the ride. Also, it’s probably hard to see/read... but that’s why it’s in scraps! c:!

Won’t Zippo be disappointed when he finds out he finally beat Kreetan and it was in his sleep.  D: Poor Kreetan for once he wasn’t being a douche.

Kreetan’s upset that he got pwnd by Zippo in his sleep.  Kreetan tries to make Zippo feel bad about it. Zippo is too mature and straight up apologizes. Takes all the fun outta it for Kreetan. Kreetan bes an ass.  It’s the fate of all Blastoise to be douches... that’s what it is Kreetan.