Lief Groa
Shiny No
Friends Zippo Saraf

Kreetan Stillwaters




Co-Workers Cyndy (Team)

Laura (Team)

Don (Team)

Enemies Hurk
Job Part-Time Rescue worker
Rescuer Yes

Basic Backgroud Edit

My Bulbasaur character I haven’t drawn in all of the years. He is forever a young boy due to the time shenanigans in the game he is in and can’t evolve (technically, in my game he CAN evolve now but I don’t wanna evolve him now.) His partner is a Careful natured Cyndaquil named Cyndy. Lief is also first gen starter bros with Kreetan and Zippo.


  Actually slightly older than Zippo and Kreetan. He cant evolve or age. Hes a little shy but hes a sweet guy. Gets embarrassed about his age and wont tell anyone.

Leif is a shy, kind little Bulbasaur. Hes older then Zippo but never actually grew up. Hes embarrassed when people find out about his age. 

Lief dont need to grow up, Gellato did it for him!

Rescue Team Edit

My team in Pokemon dungeon is named Fire Flower! Since I was a Bulbasaur and my partner was Cyndiquil. Poliwag was my first team member and then Shinx. 83


Lief, Cyndy, and Laura were my first pokemans in mah dungeon game. Then I made Laura evolve... and I stopped loving her. D'8 Im sorry for making myself not love you Laura.

Don is not only in my diamond game but hes also in Dungeon! Hes always there to get me outta jams! 8'D I love you Don. Discharge always ends up savin me in the nic of time.

In Pokemon Dungeon, Don attacks sleeping Pokemon... ALL THE TIME. I go "Oh lookit the cute little sleeping Pokemon... I wont wake it up" and then I try to leave but Dons like AW HELLZ NAH! -SHOCKWAVE- and pwns it. Its unnecessary... and mean. Cyndy never really attacks sleeping Pokemon.... but he does always steal my kill by quick attacking it... jerk.

Heracross always seemed pedo-y. XD Always suckin on poor Bulbasaur. So now Ive made my Heracross, Hurk, a pedo for my poor Lief. Don is there is save the day like usual... -loves all over Luxray-

He gets harassed by Hurk a lot... but is usually saved by Don.

Misc. Edit


I bet Bulbasaur and Roland are SO ashamed of being a grass type... that they just claim to be poison and ground.  Oh? Youre a grass-type too?  Leif: No no... Im poison... yeah... -waits for certain Capitillas to RAGE at certain color combos-